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A quality preschool where optimal learning opportunities are created that nurture growth, inspire achievement, and maximize a child’s potential! 

Bright Start Childcare & Learning Center provides a play-based early childhood education preschool program.  While we align ourselves closely with Maine Early Learning Developmental Standards and the Maine Early Learning Guidelines for Toddlers and Preschoolers, the “OWL” and ‘Second Step’ form the basis of our curriculum. Using these programs,
owner/director Beata Welsh, M.A, SLP-CCC and the lead teachers, create specialized instruction plans tailored to each child’s particular strengths and needs. They bring with them, twenty plus years of therapeutic and curriculum experience, respectively.
Our goal is to encourage early learning in literacy, numeracy, social interaction, and emotional development using a variety of activities such as dramatic & free play, arts & crafts, music, singing & dancing, to accomplish that objective. We use a variety of activities to accomplish this goal, including free play and structured activities. Each week there is a theme. Your child(ren) will have learning activities in seven core learning areas to match the theme. Each distinct area is designed to facilitate learning, is developmentally appropriate for your child’s age and is fun so your child will want to participate and learn.


    OWL combines a strong, research-based curriculum with children’s natural curiosity, resulting in a well-rounded and thorough early educational experience. Based on different themes, such as “Friends,” “Family,” “The World of Color,” “Shadows and Reflections,” and “Things That Grow,” as well as skills and concepts, each day is carefully crafted within an activity-center day.

    The OWL curriculum covers all domains of early learning:

    • Language and literacy
    • Social studies
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Art
    • Physical development
    • Social and emotional development




        cThe Second Step Program is a 28 week-long evidenced-based program designed to increase children’s school readiness and social success by building their social-emotional competence and self-regulation skills.  It supports skill development in four key areas of social-emotional  competence:  empathy and compassion, emotion management, friendship skills and problem solving, and skills for learning.  Equipping children with the Second Step skills helps ease their transition to kindergarten and sets them up for sucesss in school and life.  

          Unit 1 Skills for Learning

          The first unit focuses on four skills:  listening, focusing attention, using self-talk, and being assertive.  These skills for learning help prepare preschoolers for a successful transition to kindergarten and promote academic achievement in the early school years.

          Unit 2 Empathy

          In the Empathy Unit, children build their emotional literacy by developing skills for identifying and labeling a variety of emotions in themselves and others.  Young children with high levels of empathy tend to be less aggressive, better liked, and more socially skilled, and they make better progress in school.

          Unit 3 Emotion Management

          In the Emotion Managment Unit, children expand their feelings vocabulary and learn strategies to cope with strong feelings, reduce stress, and stay in control in emotional situations.  Children who can manage their strong feelings are more successful in the transition to formal schooling.

          Unit 4 Friendship Skills & Problem Solving

          Positive social connections with peers’ support children’s school readiness and are important for their happiness and successful development.  In the Friendship Skills and Problem-Solving Unit, children learn steps for solving interpersonal problems with peers and skills for making and keeping friends.

          Unit 5 Transitioning to Kindergarten

          The fifth unit in the Second Step Early Learning program provides a review of the previous four units while encouraging children to think about how the skills will help them in kindergarten.

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